Contemporary Painting – most modern paintings


Contemporary painting is today’s art form, produced during the second half of the twentieth century or even in the third or fourth decade of this new century. Many contemporary artists work in an artistically diverse, culturally, and technologically advanced world.


This type of artwork is an exciting artistic style that brings together a wide range of disciplines, including design, graphic design, printmaking, media production, and sculpture. These days, contemporary painting and other types of modern art are highly valued and sought-after works of art.


Although contemporary painting was popular during the early years, it has gained more popularity in recent years. The art form owes its popularity to three major forces. Firstly, artists who are new to the scene and experiment with new methods and mediums are now making a name for themselves. Examples include the likes of Frank Pietronigro, whom we know for his Figurative Painting and Dance. Secondly, abstract artists such as Frank Stella and Piero Pintor are making their mark.


Most artists fall into one of the following three categories: the figurative, the realistic, or the inspirational. A figurative painting generally describes contemporary art created with painted figures. Realistic contemporary art, on the other hand, refers to the painting painted on canvas. Inspirational contemporary painting deals with the theme of life. And finally, the abstract style of contemporary art, also known as minimalism, involves the use of various colors, shapes, textures, and forms.


Figurative painting is characterized by large, powerful, bold poses usually with vibrant colors. Many famous modern artists like Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, and Jean Sibelius have produced significant works using figurative style. A well-known modern abstract artist, Gauguin, specializes in producing imagery from nature.


A favorite landscape for him is the Alps, with all its sweeping mountains and rugged scenery. In his painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”, he combines a mountain landscape with an image of a seated woman riding a horse. He then uses several colored strokes to create the image.


In terms of realism, the works of many modern artists fall under this category. realism is, perhaps, most popular among contemporary painters because of the vibrant colors it uses and the impression it makes on the viewer. It was also a great contribution to the movement of modern art from the Impressionist style to the Post-Impressionist style.


Another characteristic common to most modern paintings produced by contemporary painters is the careful use of color. The colors used are often very saturated and give the painting a bold appearance. They are most often seen in works produced by young artists who are experimenting with the new color movements that have been initiated by artists in the early part of the twentieth century.