How to pick the best site to buy instagram followers?


Looking to buy Instagram followers to give your account a credible boost? With so many options out there, it is tricky to identify the best sites for buying real, high-quality followers. Not all sites promising Instagram followers deliver the same value. Low-quality sellers use bots and fake accounts that only inflate your numbers temporarily before disappearing or getting deleted. This guide will walk you through exactly what to look for when vetting providers to find the best sites for purchasing genuine, engaged Instagram followers to grow your account.

Watch out for warning signs

Understand the red flags to avoid when assessing Instagram follower sellers:

  • Requires password – No reputable seller needs your Instagram login credentials because they don’t directly access accounts.
  • No refund policy – All legit sellers offer refunds or replacements for followers that drop off.
  • Unknown Payment Methods – Questionable sites may only accept unusual payments like cryptocurrency or gift cards.
  • Too cheap – Extremely cheap followers are likely bots or inactive accounts. Quality costs more.
  • Instant delivery – Growing hundreds or thousands of followers instantly raises flags for inauthentic growth.
  • No customer service – The best sites have active customer service to handle questions or issues.
  • Bad reviews – Check third-party review sites and social media complaints about potential scams.

These red flags indicate a shady seller you should avoid when buying Instagram followers.

Positive signals to look for

On the flip side, here are positive signals to look for in reputable sites:

  • Gradual delivery – Followers trickle in over days/weeks rather than instantly. This mimics organic growth.
  • No password required – Providing just your username protects your account security.
  • Money-back guarantee – Legit sellers guarantee you’ll keep the followers or provide replacements.
  • Positive reviews – Reliable sellers have mostly 4-5 star reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot.
  • Responsive customer service – They have active chat, email, and phone support to address issues promptly.
  • Refunds for drops – If follower counts drop, they’ll refund the cost to re-purchase more.
  • Long track record – Look for established sites with a history of satisfied customer reviews.

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Vetting follower quality

When comparing sites, look closely at the follower accounts they deliver. Warning signs of fake followers include:

  • Default silhouettes or stolen profile pics
  • No posts or engagement on the account
  • Username with random letters/numbers
  • Accounts that mass-follow thousands
  • Newly created accounts without history

Then look for positive signs of authenticity like:

  • Profile photo of a real person
  • Account with genuine engagement
  • Organically grown following
  • Detailed bio and relevant content
  • Posting activity over time

Evaluating follower quality gives you insight into which sites deliver real, active accounts that will engage with your brand.

Cost comparison 

Be wary of dirt-cheap deals that seem too good to be true. However, the most expensive sites don’t necessarily mean the highest quality. Compare the cost per 100 or 1000 followers between shortlisted providers. It helps determine the best value. Test customer service response times before buying by reaching out on live chat or email. The best sites get back to inquiries fast with knowledgeable assistance. Read reviews on how the company handles issues like followers dropping or requests for refunds/replacements. This indicates how they’ll support you post-purchase. Taking the time to thoroughly vet sellers ensures your investment pays dividends through genuine growth.