Choosing the right divorce lawyer: Ask these 5 questions


Did you know that more than 40% of all first marriages in the US end in divorce? Divorce. However, is not an easy decision. In Utah, you can file for either no-fault or fault-based divorce, and no matter your circumstances, you may want to hire an attorney. In this post, we are sharing top questions worth asking when hiring a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer

  • How often do you deal with divorces and custody battles?

You wouldn’t trust a cardiologist to treat cancer. Similarly, you cannot expect any lawyer to handle the matters of your divorce. In short, you specifically need a divorce lawyer. Ask the attorney about the number of cases they have handled so far, and if they have worked on divorces with comparable circumstances.

  • How much do you charge?

Some divorce lawyers in Utah work on an hourly rate, and the attorney should give you an overview of overall costs. Other attorneys may work on a retainer basis. It also depends on the facts of the case, experience of the lawyer, and the extent of work involved. If your divorce is contested, complicated, and no room for mediation, your lawyer may charge more. Note that divorce lawyers cannot work on a contingency basis in Utah. 

  • Do you have experience of trial?

Majority of all divorce cases are settled outside of court. Going to trial can be an expensive affair for everyone. However, your divorce lawyer should have some experience of trial, because there’s always a chance of failed mediation. Ask the attorney about how frequently they go to trial and the outcome of recent cases. 

  • Who will handle my case?

Many law firms in Salt Lake City have multiple divorce lawyers working for them. The lawyer you meet for the initial consultation may not be the one working on your case. Ask about the expertise of the lawyer representing you and meet them personally. 

  • What is your assessment of my divorce?

Some divorces are inherently complicated, while some get settled through negotiation and mediation. Ask the attorney about their assessment and evaluation of your case. They can share an expected outline of how the case may evolve, if you are expected to go to trial, and their strategy to protect your interests and rights. 

Check online for top-rated divorce lawyers in Utah and schedule a consultation. Many law firms do offer free initial meeting with one of their attorneys.