What are the different ways to send a private message?


You have something super amazing or important to inform your buddies, but you like to keep the news a mystery what do you accomplish?

You could gossip it in their ear. Or perhaps just feel truly strongly around the news and wish you acquire telepathic abilities. But until that occurs, private codes are the method to go. And if you want to available this type of service then there should be some authentic way to a website such as

Sneaky reverse alphabet method

Revive the spy or detective within you, and the next time you save something to communicate with your buddies, write it on a banana you’ll understand soon.

All you require to understand this personal code is your ABCs. And what your statement is, of course!

Write the alphabet out in total from A to Z. Then, directly underneath, write the alphabet out from Z to A with Z under A, Y under B, and X under C like this pattern

When you register your private message, use the notes from the back alphabet that conform to the notes in the A to Z alphabet

For instance, if you like to write “Privnote” you would spell it out as “KIREMLGV” because when utilising the reverse alphabet code this will fall under the letters such as P will come above K and so on.

2- Secret banana message

Here’s where that bit around the banana will create make feeling. All you require to hold is a ripe banana and a toothpick to register with. Then you can create using this yellow fruit for concealed messages.

Your message can’t be too long since it controls to fit on the banana. But whatever you report will be kept completely confidential until about an hour afterwards. Then, what you registered will turn brown and the message will have vanished.

This is a smart way to give short notes back and forth with your buddies since all anyone will notice is a banana. And then you keep a nutritious snack for afterwards.

3- Reserved invisible ink

Why write in low or black when you can construct your words hidden?

Here’s what you’ll require to maintain your top private notes safe under a blanket of invisibility: composition, water, a paintbrush or cotton piece to correspond with, a lamp, and vinegar or lemon liquid.

Once you’ve incorporated a few drops of water with your vinegar or lemon fluid, just dip your paper utensil in and write whatever comments you like on the piece of paper.

At first, you won’t notice anything. But that’s the concept. You like it to look like an empty page with no weird news whatsoever but when you or a buddy put the piece in front of the light, your private details will come up.

4- Secret white crayon letter

If you don’t contain lemon juice or vinegar handy, there’s still a method to send a sly invisible notice.

Hold a white crayon, a piece of paper and features, highlighters or watercolour colour. Use the crayon to note your message on the paper and make sure to push down tough when you’re spelling out your comments. That will make the reveal later more comfortable to read.