Understanding the Entire China Freight Forwarding Process


Yes. There are several advantages to hiring a freight forwarder china to usa service when importing products from China to the US. Here are just the top reasons why you gain so much from relying solely on one. When you trust a freight forwarder, you are free to work out any changes or adjustments with them at any time.

Accurate shipment details freight forwarding companies in China are authorized by the State Department to transport goods into the USA. They also have to keep track of the shipment details every step of the way. For instance, they have to know the exact date of shipping down to the port of origin and the destination of destination. They also need to know the names and addresses of all the parties that will be receiving the goods when the shipment arrives. Thus, there is no question of missing or wrong information since everything is documented and constantly updated.

One-way shipping facility a major advantage of using a freight company is that they are capable of sending goods directly from China to the US by sea. The best among these deals is the one-way shipment facility. This facility means that the goods can be shipped from China to the US and back by sea only. This saves time and effort because you don’t have to make multiple trips across the Pacific Ocean to receive your shipment. You simply have to get the shipment delivered to its desired destination in as few as 15 days.

Logistics, it’s not enough that you get your goods delivered to your destination. You also have to ensure that the delivery complies with all the necessary regulations and standards. Customs clearance is a very important part of this process. Since China has a thriving and expanding economy, there is a high risk of products being imported into the country without the necessary documentation. A logistics provider specializing in Chinese trade can bridge the gap between logistics and custom clearance, thus facilitating easy customs clearance for shipments to China.

The next step that the freight forwarding company takes into consideration is the preparation of the actual shipment. In China, the most common procedure involves the collection of needed documents from the importer. After accomplishing this, the document requests are sent to the Chinese consulate for approval. Once the approval is obtained, the consignment is stamped with authorization to enter China. This whole process takes about fifteen days in total.

It should be clear by now that the entire China import and export haulage process is a complex one, but it is made easier through the expertise of the service provider. These companies take care of all the necessary steps involved in this transaction, making it an easy transaction that can be completed within a short period of time. When choosing a company for your exports, make sure that you choose one that provides on-time service, great tracking and other such services that help you maintain a smooth-sailing voyage. Remember to choose the best service provider for your China-related goods.