Should You Use a Top Dresser for Turf Management


Topdressing can be quite beneficial to managers of sports fields. If you want your field to have a deep green, lush look, topdressing is an appropriate alternative to chemical treatments.

Topdressing is the process of spreading a mixture of soil and compost on the surface of a lawn or field to improve soil conditions and make the lawn healthier and better-looking. Before, this can only be accomplished by taking a shovel in hand and using a throwing motion to distribute the compost material over the entire field or lawn. These days, a lot of top dressers are available that can be used for any commercial lawn or field. Because of these machines, performing topdressing as part of turf management practices has never been easier.

Benefits of Topdressing

Spreading a quarter or half an inch of compost material over any field or lawn periodically can offer benefits to this area and improve its look. The following are the benefits that topdressing offers:

  • Improve seeds germination. Using topdressing as part of an overall procedure to improve a field’s thickness and lush appearance, especially after aeration and over-seeding, can improve seed germination. The compost covers the tiny seedlings, protecting them better and allowing for better seed-to-soil contact. A reliable top dresser can have enough compost to cover a wide area of your turf.
  • Encourage deeper lawn colour. Topdressing adds vial nitrogen to the soil where the surf is growing, deepening the turf’s colour. This indicates good turf health.
  • Increase microbial action. Microorganisms in soils assist with nutrient intake, making the soil available to the grass. Some of them may also aid in suppressing pathogenic organisms that can result in disease that your turf might contract.
  • Improve soil conditions. Topdressing soil helps you achieve the right mixture to maintain ideal soil conditions. This includes high-quality soil and a good supply of mixture that topdressing offers.

Choosing the Right Top Dresser

The right top dresser for you depends on how big the field you must spread your compost over and how frequently you will have the job done. Definitely, you don’t want to use a trusty shovel to spread a mountain compost. Keep in mind that you can make your field much greener and healthier by topdressing your soil using a dependable top dresser from a reputable brand. Top dressers are available in different sizes, which means you can have one that fits the needs of your field.