Shooting range and hazardous waste



We live in a world where security is important and where the sacrosanct nature of security cannot be overemphasized. Because of the rate of criminal activities in our society,some individuals have decided they need to bear arms and defend themselves whenever the need arises.So more often than not, people have chosen to go the way of guns.

Yes, in a bid to defend ourselves we often go the extra mile, miles such as carrying out measures like owning arms, training on how to use them and becoming experts at using them. There’s been an endless debate about the right of humans to carry arms, guns in particular. Many for and many against, but in view of this article,special emphasis will be placed on guns, shooting ranges and how they pose an environmental threat and or hazard.

About Shooting ranges

Shooting ranges otherwise known as firing range or gun rangearevenues that have been specially designed for the use of firearms, it could be for the purposes of testing or for competitions and even to train. There are shooting ranges around us, people go to shooting range get better at their use of guns but this begs the question- who takes care of the shooting range? – let’s talk a bit about shooting range maintenance and the environmental hazard that tends to emanate shooting range. The aforementioned will be emphasized in subsequent section of this write up.

Shooting Range and environmental hazards

Environmentalist have argued time and again that the led business is nasty business, barring the very obvious reasons, why they have this position basically remainsthere isa high risk of environmental pollution from lead and lead makes up the leading component of a Gun; Bullets.

Over exposure to lead is actually hazardous to the human body, as when this over exposure accumulates it can result in lead poisoning, which can have serious adverse effects on adults. These effects could include and not limited to miscarriages, memory loss, high blood pressure etc.

The aforementioned lead poisoning can happen as aoutcome of spent ammunition, ammunitions which include bullets or pellets from shotguns. These spent ammo can cause a lead contamination to the surrounding environment and this is most likely with outdoor gun ranges.

Maintenance of a shooting range

There are professionalfiring range services that you can improve to help take care of the shooting range, putting more correctly to help take care of the wastes that emanates from firing ranges

Maintaining a shooting range could be quite tricky and should be left to professionals but however there are some tips on howto take care of a shooting range

  • You need to check and fill hopper as needed
  • Cleaningof stall glassand thestall area
  • You need to constantly vacuumthefloorandceiling of the firing range except of course the bullet trap
  • You should vacuum the top of the target rack and check for any brass logging around
  • Endeavor to remove all the debris from the bullet strap such debris as bags, shotgun wads and Paper

The above are some of the tips on maintaining a firing range,but as always the best option remains engaging the services of professionals.