Microsoft Teams and Skype For Business Online Retirement


Many people have shown concerns regarding the skype issue. People have been dissatisfied with Microsoft, and many have been in deep troubled concern about what they would do when the Skype For Business Online Retirement notice came out.

If you’re not exactly aware of what is happening here, let’s take a quick look and understand what happened and the concerns raised.

But before that, let’s understand what we’re talking about.

What is Skype For Business Online?

Everyone might be aware of what Skype is and its functions as well. This platform was further used for business purposes online, and many established firms viewed this firm as their first go-to option.

So, what’s the problem with it?

Microsoft released a notice mentioning how Skye wouldn’t be accessible anymore from 31st July 2021, and that is exactly what created havoc amongst people with business firms depending on skype. However, it was considered an amazing platform with multiple features combined, such as video call, voice call, messaging, and a mass of business firms.

But is it a bad thing? Is Microsoft’s decision about the retirement of skype for business online is a bad idea and threat to many?

Possibly not. Here’s why

One of the main reasons retirement isn’t a threat is that Microsoft has priorly made the announcement and given the firms about two months approximately to adapt to the new system and changes.

The other great reason why this isn’t a threat is that, since Skype is getting inaccessible, Microsoft isn’t leaving people on their own and telling them to figure out things independently. Instead, it’s rather coming up with better advancements and upgrades, giving people new options and opportunities to choose from.

It is supposedly said that the pre-existing application of Microsoft named Microsoft Teams, a platform yet again used for online video calls and other purposes with various facilities, are further seeing upgrades. And will be seen with various new and unique features, including changes in the number of users, technical complexities, etc.

Having two months in hand is enough time for you to complete all the requirements and get adapted to Teams. It can be done fairly fast. You can find teams on any Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise Plan, and your pre-existing investments can be carried forward onto it.

One can not typically say that the news of the retirement of skype is a big issue. Though it did cause some stir for many, it’s assumed that adaption to Teams wouldn’t be difficult.