Largest Terrarium Workshop in Singapore


The Terrarium Workshop Singapore curriculum is specially developed in-house by our experts to incorporate learning concepts, practical hands-on features, and fun elements to create an unforgettable experience. Build your little portable forest today!

With its most unique Virtual gaming activities, the Terrarium Singapore workshop allows you to express your creativity in a fun and eco-friendly way! Through our unique and fun terrarium workshops, you will be able to promote teamwork, patience, and concentration among your team members, while playing your part for the environment.

Types of Terrarium Sessions

  1. Private Session;
  • Private Terranium session offers the public Flexible Dates & Time Slots, Exclusive, Private Venue All To Yourself! The session is being guided Experience by Funempire Professional Facilitation.
  • Min # Of Pax: 5 Pax and it is Suitable for Corporates/Government Organisations, Schools as well as Large gathering
  • Types of Terrarium Package included in a private session are-
  • Individual Terrarium
  • Group Terrarium
  • Virtual Terrarium
  1. Public Session
  • In the second most session, meet people and make friends from all over the world while learning something new together.
  • one can select from a variety of dates & time slots thereby giving you an instant confirmation, in addition to that some self-guided terrarium work-shops are also conducted.
  • Min # Of Pax: 1 Pax Suitable for Consumers, small Department, Couples and Friends
  • Types of Terrarium Package included in public session is Individual Terrarium.


The Fun Empire’s Virtual Terrarium workshop is designed for any type of occasion from small and intimate get-together to large gatherings. Available for unlimited participants, The Fun Empire’s Virtual Terrarium experience is perfect for friends, family, and colleagues.  These workshops are ideal for team building, office parties, or corporate events!  Virtual Terrarium workshop is a great way for teams to unwind and complete fun and creative activity together.