How to Finance a Small Business


So, you have a great business idea and after some considerable research, it certainly looks doable and now you are thinking about funding. Without money, your dream will remain in the realms of imagination and when writing your business plan, that should include your start-up costs. Once you know the amount of money you’re going to need, then you can start thinking about how to acquire your start-up funding.

Bank Loan

The traditional banking system is still in play and if you have a good relationship with your bank manager, why not talk to him/her? This can take some time and the manager might request to see your business plan.

Online Business Loan

There are providers of unsecured finance in Australia online, and you receive an instant response, while they require minimum paperwork, which is very convenient. The online lender is very flexible and offers low interest business start-up loans, which, in most cases, is transferred on the same day the application is lodged. The online lender does not want to see your business plan and requires minimal paperwork, plus they can tailor the loan to suit you.

Be Conservative

It never pays to be too optimistic when calculating start-up capital; there will be unexpected bills arriving and you’ll be glad you added that extra 20%. You never know what is around the corner, especially when it comes to business and a freak accident could see the business close.

Find a Partner

If you can come up with 505 of the start-up cost, why not look for a partner, someone who has other skillsets to bring to the table. Many successful businesses are run by partners who work well together; start by talking to a few people you know who are in the industry and see where that leads. You could advertise online for a partner.

Real Estate Equity

If you have equity in your home, this can be liquidated by taking out a second mortgage; that might be enough to get the business off the ground. Many entrepreneurs got their first success thanks to property equity. Any mortgage broker can facilitate this very quickly and they don’t take long to give you an answer.

Once you have the finance you need, you can start implementing your business plan and hopefully, the venture will enjoy a successful launch and sustained growth. The business plan is your guideline and be prepared to adapt to market changes.