How Does the Governor Control Your Car?


When the governor of your car engine switches off, it is said that you can leave your car in the state of the park. But this is not always so. What happens when the governor switches off? The governor controls your car engine speed, so it is advisable to learn how to make it work to your benefit.

The governor is responsible for regulating the amount of gas the engine receives. If you have a small engine or a high horse power, then the governor will limit the amount of gas it receives and it will help to save fuel. Also, if you keep on driving at a higher speed without downshifting for a long time, then the governor becomes stressed and will not be able to work effectively. It will only work when you shift the gear to neutral or stop.

There are many problems you could have if you use the governor wrongly, like a higher engine speed than required, which will drain the engine. Also, if your engine has a lot of power, but you have a low-profile cylinder head, the governor will work inefficiently, because the engine wants to use as much air as possible, so it needs to go through more cylinders. You should be very careful while using the governor and shift it into neutral gear before you start the engine. Otherwise, the engine could overheat, which would lead to a very dangerous situation.