How do you start a dropshipping business?


It is one of the simplest business models in eCommerce. The margins are high, and you don’t need to invest anything except time and patience to bring traffic to your store. All you need is a WordPress website selling products from third-party suppliers.

Below find the detailed dropshipping guide:

  1. Choose a niche and an online supplier

The first step is to know the items you want to sell. You can find products that are selling well on eBay or Amazon. However, these will probably be more competitive markets. Try your luck in less saturated niches first – maybe something like LED lights for aquariums?

Once you’ve chosen an item, start working on your supplier. Check out the reviews online and read some FAQs to make sure you’re familiar with how their system works. You can go ahead to request an account for dropshipping purposes.

  1. Design a website

Many services are offering free website templates – try Google for “free responsive html5 bootstrap templates.” Also, there are ready-made solutions like Shopify that you can start using without any coding knowledge.

Alter the text on product pages to include your affiliate links to the supplier’s store. Check out this dropshipping guide if you need more tips on how to configure your website correctly.

  1. Find a good hosting service

Having your website is all well and good, but nobody will be able to find you if it’s offline. Get a reliable web host that supports PHP and MySQL. If that sounds like Greek to you, any decent hosting provider with a one-click installation should do the trick. Try GoDaddy or BlueHost.

  1. Promote your website

Ensure you start promoting your store on social media immediately if you have a personal profile with plenty of followers. That’s the tricky part, of course. Still, it will be easier to drive traffic once you’ve built up some credibility.

You could try Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising or Facebook ads, but SEO and content marketing are probably the most cost-efficient methods.

  1. Buy traffic from a retargeting service

Finally, it’s time to visit your supplier and place an order. Don’t worry about how much you buy right away – dropshipping means your supplier will ship for you when somebody accepts something from your website. There’s nothing to stock, after all.

You’ll make your first sale when somebody finds your website in Google (or Bing or Yahoo) and comes to the product page. It means that you need traffic coming in through organic search, directly to the product pages on your website.

To do this effectively, you’re going to want specific “lookalike” audiences for your text ads. That means you’ll want to target people who are likely to be interested in the product based on common keywords used by past customers.

Final Thoughts

It is among the simplest ways to make money online. You don’t need a product of your own or a source of inventory – you can start promoting products from third-party suppliers right away.

You’ll have to be ready for some work on marketing, however, if you want your business to bring in more than a trickle of revenue. If you’re prepared to take the plunge, check out the dropshipping guide for more information about how to get started.