Hiring Colorado personal injury attorneys: How much does it cost?


Medical malpractice, dog bites, trip & fall cases, auto accidents – These are all examples of personal injury. What happens when you have suffered an injury because of someone’s fault? If that someone owed you a duty of care and was negligent, you can file a personal injury lawsuit, to claim compensation for your injuries. Colorado is a fault state. Many victims, however, often step back from seeking legal representation, because they don’t want to pay for a lawyer. How much do Colorado personal injury attorneys charge? How do you find the right one? In this post, we are answering some of the basic questions. 

No initial fee

Personal injury lawyers, at least most of them, do not charge a fee for case consultation. This is your best bet for knowing an attorney better and understanding the worth of your claim. As a client, you can meet the lawyer in person and ask questions. It all starts with a phone conversation, and if the attorney is interested, they may insist on a meeting. 

The contingency fee

For majority of cases, personal injury attorneys in Colorado work on a contingency fee. This means that the lawyer doesn’t charge for a fee, until and unless they win a financial settlement. If the lawyer wins, they will charge a part of the settlement as their fee. The contingency fee is usually 25% to 40% of the final compensation. The fee depends on many factors, depending on the work involved, expertise of the attorney, and expected compensation. If the lawyer believes that the case is a straightforward one and the insurance company will make a fair offer, they may charge a flat fee. Hourly rates are uncommon for personal injury lawsuits.

How to find an attorney?

Big law firms in Colorado have their websites, so you can always check online. Websites like Avvo are really handy for comparing the choices. You can check reviews of personal injury attorneys, to know what other clients have to say about them. References from people you know can be handy too. 

When to contact a personal injury attorney?

Ideally, you must consult an attorney, as soon as possible after the accident. Don’t shy away from asking questions or discussing facts of the case. If the case is strong enough, your lawyer will start working on evidence and details to bolster the case. 

Consult an attorney today for your personal injury lawsuit!