Here’s how WhatsApp can boost your business


Worldwide, WhatsApp has gained popularity in over 100 countries and has become the most popular messaging app. It serves more than two billion customers around the world. It is, therefore, an excellent opportunity to use WhatsApp Business to capture potential clients’ attention. Additionally, international sales are possible because of its reach. WhatsApp helps you access a prospect pool of your target audience. This eventually boosts your online business app or site significantly.

Here is a list of how WhatsApp for businesses can be helpful:-

  • Message Templates: WhatsApp message templates help you easily send pre-written text for appointment reminders, confirmations, delivery updates, etc.
  • Direct Reply: This allows you to send messages instantly since you no longer need to reinvent the wheel of messages. So you can send messages directly.
  • Automated Messages: This allows you to send customers a message instantly, such as a greetings message; creating a template like this will help you increase your brand’s reputation. So never miss a text from your client as well as never make them feel neglected. Here are the tricks you can follow to gain more time.
  • Notify customers of wait time.
  • Followup links for FAQ
  • Prompt User to schedule a time to chat

Privacy: This gives both users and business operators peace of mind. WhatsApp Businesses provide built-in security such as end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. So they don’t have to worry about any regulations and laws as it would be abiding by WhatsApp.

  • Mobile & Web: Customers can interact via mobile devices, smartphones, and computers. You have a variety of options to respond to customers from different devices and places. It helps an organization get on the pulse of customers for communications.
  • Creating Catalouges: Promote up to 500 products and services as you would display catalogues on your business profile. Customers can discover your business via links on social media platforms to help clients gain access to your business when they contact you directly for sales and support queries.
  • Status: When you respond to the client, it will show whether the customer has read or received the messages.

WhatsApp for Business: What you need to know

  • Alerts & Notifications: It can help notify the clients regarding time-sensitive information such as eternity changes, shipping alerts, etc.
  • In-App Booking: It can also help you easily create in-app appointment scheduling with your business if you create your own WhatsApp ChatBot.
  • Appoint Reminder: It can further help you easily send appointment reminders to your clients. For example, a dentist can give a reminder to the patient via WhatsApp.
  • Customer Feedback: WhatsApp Business also allows you to get valuable feedback from your customers, which will help you to grow your product or service.
  • Customer Service: Support agents can communicate through this app in real-time to solve queries instantly.

Several sectors are using WhatsApp Business such as Retail, Ecommerce, Health Services, Finance, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, Government, and many more. It is time that you use WhatsApp to grow your business too.