Guide for the necessity of upgrading your Filter Press machine


Since safety concerns and the ever-increasing demand for corporations to maximize efficiency have rendered filter presses outdated, this kind of filter press machine has been phased out. Systems and filtering technologies that are up to date with today’s industrial processes are essential.

Filter presses are being phased out in favor of Mott Porous Metal Technology by the world’s leading corporations. Because this is the reason why.

Stop Replacing Filter Cloth All the Time-

Many users often wonder about the timeline of replacing the filter cloths. We have found out that despite popular belief, most of the world’s most efficient organizations do not operate this way. Filter press machine made from various outlets are lasting for many years and you may choose one by contacting us.

Reducing the frequency of filter cloth replacements can save you both time and money.

Workers’ Protection-

In the time of any emergency, while performing maintenance on your filter press puts the lives of others at jeopardy. Employees cleaning and maintaining the press are in grave risk because of the constant flow of dangerous chemicals through your system.

Injuries to your personnel and costly lawsuits may be avoided by reducing the amount of maintenance your filter needs.

Producing More Often-

There might be so much of time you’ve spent changing filter cloth, cleaning plates, making adjustments, halting due to inadequate cake release or cake hang-ups, and cleaning the home owing to leaks and faulty filter plate sealing.

You are losing money because your system isn’t working. So, having a quality filter solutions pay for themselves in greater uptime and throughput for companies who understand the actual cost of manufacturing.


The discrepancy between what you spend for your filtration system and what it really costs to maintain and operate. Filter presses need enormous amounts of electricity and labor, which adds up to a lot of money. Filter press systems are inefficient because of all the money spent on electricity, hydraulic fluids, and even workers to maintain the space surrounding the filter system.

Enhance Filtering Performance-

When you hire any operator to fix the machine, you have to tell the professional about how frequently you observe solids coming out of your machine. You will also need to know if there is a hole in the material that covers the filer or not.

The operators will do proper maintenance work after knowing details regarding issues with the gasket seal along with other issues. You may fine-tune your filter press to your heart’s content, but you’ll have a hard time getting more than 5% retention at 99% efficiency.