Getting followers on Instagram without buying them


Do you want to have Instagram followers?  To have many Instagram followers is common social media milestone which businesses are  working towards when promoting a brand. For some, reach this tier shows that you have the potential to be an online influencer who is serious in your niche.

But with influencer marketing going up, the users on Instagram at times have to buy Instagram followers, hoping that they are going to get at least a part of these people, who will pay attention to their account.

But especially in the B2B business setting, buying followers might lead to traffic which is of poor quality to your website along with consequences which are unintended such as a higher bounce rate, less time spent on pages and lead which are bad fit.

It tends to be more rewarding and safer route of growing your social following in an organic manner. Engagement with your brand will go up, members of your target audience will share your content and you will get more opportunities in converting or nurturing leads which are qualified that are interested in what you are up to.

The following are some of the simple tips that will ensure that you increase your followers without the need to buy them

Experiment in finding your voice

If you post on Instagram for some time and you see that you are not achieving social traction that you are looking for, then you have to switch up. You should change the content type which you are posting, and get a different tone in the caption.

Then refer to the Instagram analytics, and find out the content which people out there are connecting to. You can as well look at brands which you like emulating on social media platform and get some new ideas which you can incorporate. Once you identify the content and a voice which resonate with your followers most, you should go ahead and publish more posts in that category.

Experiments tend to be worthwhile if you take the time in analyzing what is working and what doesn’t work. To that point, it might be effective switching to a business account. Instagram for business does offer pros which aren’t associated with your personal account like an analytic for deeper performance, insights regarding your followers and tools for advertising.

Stay on brand

The truth is that when you have too much experimentation it can end up disrupting the growth of those that follow you.  Consistency is what will make you to establish a solid brand. After people follow you for some time, they tend to expect a particular something from – something which they can be able to enjoy.

While you try to pepper in new content type might be important as you could end up getting a golden nugget there, once you get your niche, you shouldn’t deviate too far without having a strategy which is well thought.

Try being active

Are you someone who is active on Instagram? Do you like on people’s photos, comment and engage with their content on a regular basis. It is a strategy which is great to start getting noticed.