Find best Part Time Jobs in Singapore


Part time jobs in Singapore refer to positions that do not require the employee to commit to a regular weekly or monthly schedule. A part time job usually bears less of a relationship with a worker’s availability. They usually work in fixed shifts. The shifts are generally rotational, meaning that they may change on a frequent basis.

In these cases, part time jobs in Singapore provide an ideal choice for many working people who would otherwise find it difficult to earn their primary income in the confines of a permanent position. It is also a great option for retirees who would otherwise have difficulty maintaining their standard of living after retiring. Part time jobs in Singapore that fall into this category tend to have flexible schedules that accommodate the part time worker’s full-time job responsibilities.

As an example, a medical research associate will generally spend between ten and fifteen hours a week working at a clinic or doctor’s office. If this person were to work a full-time position at a hospital, he or she would need to make between forty-five and sixty hours per week, or sometimes more. Part time jobs in Singapore, though, may not count towards a person’s full-time commitment, but they offer the convenience of being able to adjust your schedule to take care of your family obligations while earning a part-time salary. The Singapore Exchange also offers part time jobs in Singapore that involve fixed hours and full-time employment. One such example is the information technology assistant position, which can be found on several job portals.