There are different equipment that is essential for running a business smoothly. Each material handling equipment has an essential role to play. When it has been functioning properly it can improve productivity and efficiency. Along with that, it helps to bring down the costs and downtime. When looking for a forklift for sale Toronto you should head to Modern forklift. Tell them your unique handling requirement and their experts will help you to find the forklift which would be ideal for your business. They understand that when you are purchasing a forklift, it will impact the productivity and output of the business. The forklifts sold by Modern forklifts all come with a reasonable warranty. They are committed to providing their customers with the best service. Whenever in doubt, you can simply reach out to their expert. You can be sure that the forklift won’t burn a hole through your pocket. Following are some of the forklifts that are for sale at Modern Forklift.

Tele Trucks

The forklift has to move around the warehouse to carry the loads. To find a forklift with greater access, you should consider the Teletrucks. It is a speciality forklift that offers unparalleled access that isn’t done by the other types of forklift.

Reach Trucks

Sometimes the forklifts need to reach heights can access the loads. If the forklift in your warehouse needs to reach great heights, you could consider a Reach truck. They have been designed to use in warehouses where the loads are placed even above the height of 10 meters. To make it easier, it makes use of low undercarriage. Instead of a counterbalance, it has stabilizing legs.

Counterbalance truck

Counterbalance forklift is the most common one. The forklift which has forks in the front and allows the operator to directly drive up to the load is the counterbalance forklift.

Three wheel counterbalance truck

A regular counterbalance has four wheels. But a three wheel counterbalance truck has three wheels. The two wheels are in the front, and one is at the back. This gives the forklift the ability for maximum manoeuvre, especially when the spaces are tight. The three wheel counterbalance truck works the same way as a standard counterbalance.


If you are in an industry where the loads are long, a side loader forklift would ideal for your business. Loads like lumber can be easily picked up with a side loader. This type of forklift has forks on the side and not the front of the truck. The long load is more stable as compared to the front load forklift.

How to find the ideal forklift?

Before deciding on a forklift, you need to evaluate your needs. How do you go about doing that? There are various aspects that you need to look at. Like the warehouse, the kind of load to be carried and the industry. However, if you are still confused, reach out to the experts at Modern forklifts. They will ask you some questions, making it easier to evaluate your needs. Based on that, they will help you to find the ideal forklift.