Debt Collection Tactics: Skip Tracing Tools From Microbilt!


When a debtor doesn’t respond to calls, emails, or cannot be traced from their address, it’s important to start looking for other sources. The debtor has essentially ‘skipped’, which is why the term skip tracing is used. Skip tracers rely on a wide range of public resources to find as many details of the person/business, as possible. Resources include credit reports, public record databases, background checks, and even loan applications. The standard process may take considerable time, which is why skip tracers and collectors often rely on advanced tools. MicroBilt is one such famed company that offers a complete suite of skip tracing tools. In this post, we are reviewing their tools further, while you can find more details on this site.

What does MicroBilt offer?

MicroBilt has a mix of skip tracing products, each one designed to take the search a level higher.

  • Their first product is called Super Phone, which is an advanced and dynamic skip tracing tool, which allows skip tracers to find details like addresses, aliases, business names, phone numbers of an individual.
  • They also have a product called People Search, which is best for early steps of skip tracing and allows to find current address, previous location and addresses, aliases, and phone numbers.
  • Enhanced People Search is a step above the standard People Search, which allows to find critical identity information. You can find all kinds of contact information that cannot be found otherwise through a standard search.

  • Their fourth product is called Address Search, which is among the advanced tools for skip tracing. The report includes all details related to current and previous addresses of the person, including phone numbers that were or are in use.
  • Sometimes, merely finding the number of an individual may not be enough, and that’s where Trace Detail comes in handy. It also finds all people that are probably associated with the person, like partners, neighbors, and associates.

Final word

Debt collection is often more complicated than most lenders imagine, and relying on skip tracing tools is the best way to accelerate the process. MicroBilt has successfully managed to win clients because of their amazing products, and beyond the resources that other tools use, they also have proprietary resources and data, which make their tools even more reliable. Please check the website of MicroBilt to find more relevant details, and make sure to check their sample reports.