An Insight To The Anti Seize Compound Usage


Smooth machinery movements and no corrosion are the latest sought in the industries. But what can be done when the parts and components are rubbing off each other. One of the solutions is the application of an anti seize compound. They effectively prevent the contact of the surface and avoid the corrosion that damages the material.

Why Choose Anti-Seize?

The latest popularly used compound is either found in tins or tubes. But before usage, one must know what they are.

  • They are primarily lubricants like copper, graphite and nickel suspended in grease. Copper ones were the most popular.
  • They can withstand high temperatures and can be applied along different surfaces. Copper and Aluminium based compounds were found to withstand nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Apart from simple lubrication, they were also used for gasket installation or removal to avoid surface contacts.
  • Some oxidised or metal reacting components like acetylene or ammonia doesn’t support the metallic lubricants for which nickel or molybdenum like neutral ones are preferred.
  • They are quick preferences in highly corrosive and high-temperature areas.

Industrially, the machine surfaces need to be protected; thus, lubrication is applied. Instead of oils and grease, which are inflammable and may easily catch fire, the anti-seize compounds are the best alternates.