7 skips with its varieties of skip bin Sydney


In search of a good skip bins Sydney? 7skipbins is the best firm for you! This skip bins hire Sydney is known for its best services and providing cheap skip bins Sydney.Just because 7 skips skip bin hire has reasonable rates for you doesn’t mean their products and work is any less, the staff do their work most professionally and don’t give you many chances to complain.

The outcome is clear: big storage bins made with High-quality material used, for a long duration with the best features, what else a customer needs?

Why choose 7 skips over others?

Because they give you the best out of the best. They not only give you products with cheaper and affordable rates for high and polished quality skip bins, but their most amazing feature is that they give you a chance to customise your order.

Search as much as you can, you still won’t find a skip bin hire with this golden feature anywhere. They are originally Australia based and also promise to give you your order delivery by the night if you order before 10 am the same day, though this feature is only seen on weekdays, they will not let you down on weekends too.

Variety of skip bins Sydney by 7 skips

Confused as to which skip bin is perfect for your taste? 7 skips bins are here with a good variety of bins with sizes available from 2M×3 to 10M×3.

The varieties with 7 skips are distinguished by size and then further differentiated by the type of garbage you want to store in it.

7 skips also give you a certain piece of advice before you decide which bin you want or need, from their experience so far, the advice you to take a bin bigger than you think is needed as at times there can be a change in the amount of garbage and you might have to buy a new skip bin, another one which can cost you a lot more than you think. So if you don’t want to waste your money, you should keep these words in mind.

Below are a few of the varieties which 7 skips can provide you with:

  • 2 Marrell skip bin – comes with 1.9m length, 1.5m width and 0.9m height. Has a capacity of 2-3 tonnes.

Description: used for small rubbish removal jobs like shed cleaning, home cleaning and party garbage.

  • 3 Marrell skip bin – comes with 2.5m length, 1.6m width and 0.97m height. Has a capacity of 3-4 tonnes.

Description: used for standard cleaning usually and is perfect for kitchens and bathroom renovations.

  • 4 Marrell skip bin – comes with 3.3m length, 1.6m width and 0.9m height. Has a capacity of 4-5 tonnes.

Description: one of the most famous skip bins, is used for small bathroom and kitchen renovations and also for household and garden cleaning.

  • 5 Marrell skip bin – comes with 3.3m length, 1.6m width and 1.27m height. Has a capacity of 5-6 tonnes.

Description: used for average-sized renovations with household or garden cleaning. This bin can be the best choice if you have garbage such as a fridge or furniture to dispose of.

The list has many more wonderful varieties waiting for you, so do not waste time and make the perfect deal with 7 skips.