3 Ways to Secure a Job in an Uncertain Environment


With are in the middle of a global pandemic and many industries have been hit hard. A lot of people have lost their jobs as the pandemic has stopped people from travelling and there is not one industry that has not felt the effect. Here are some strategies to use to help you become more employable and secure a job you like.

  1. Take Advantage of Recruitment Specialists

This is the best time to take full advantage of recruitment agencies to help you find a new job. Although the pandemic has seen millions lose their jobs, there are still positions available if you know where to look. Experts in recruitment in Bangkok have the right connections as they have built up a network of contacts over the years.

If a company is looking to fill a specific position, recruiters know who to contact for the opening. Staffing agencies can place candidates in lucrative jobs even during a downturn. The leading recruitment agencies in Bangkok have access to job openings that you will not see advertised online.

  1. Be Flexible

Another way to make yourself more employable is to be flexible, especially during difficult times like these. Instead of limiting yourself to one industry, look at an area where your skills are sought after and easily transferable. To best position yourself as an important asset, you must be adaptable and willing to change in the workplace if needed.

When looking for an opening in a constantly changing environment, it is important to stay flexible and consider your options in many different areas.

  1. Upskill

During difficult economic times, it makes sense to focus on reskilling when you are looking for work. Employers frequently hire and retain people who are willing to learn more and add to their existing skillset. If you are in quarantine and looking for a new job, you can always look to enrol on a course and add it to your resume.

Use your time out of work to expand your skills and learn more online. Consider reading more about your industry or learn a new programme or skill that relates to your field and makes you more attractive to employers.

Many people are now looking for a new job during the pandemic and there are plenty out there if you know where to find them. The easiest way to ensure your search is a success is to contact a recruitment expert who has an expansive network of employers on their books.