3 Key Services Provided by Chartered Accountants


If you are in Business already then you will appreciate how important it is to have the correct help to hand when it comes to the matter of your business accounts and other business matters, you may be considering a change of accountant. If you are looking to start a company then it’s really important that you know the basics or else you won’t know what you are looking for in terms of added value and, could be putting your entire business needs in the hands of people you don’t know, here are the very basic services that you should come to expect;

Audits and accounting 

Audits can happen at any time, they can be scheduled but, more often than not, they can be random and of some surprise, if you are not well prepared. If you’re in house book keeping is in order and everything tallies up correctly, then the process can be pretty straight forward, you simply let the auditors examine your books to make sure that all your financials stack up and that everything makes sense and is accounted for.

If your books are not in order, then quite simply, it can cause absolute mayhem, for a small business it could very well be a make-or-break point in time that could be very hard lesson in life, you need to ensure two things really, number one is that you have a competent person in house tacking record of your companies’ operations and number two is that you have the right accountants at hand to double check everything and to make sure that no regulations are in jeopardy of being broken.

Corporate services 

If you are already, or intend to conduct business in Vanuatu then you will need to know a little about company formations in Vanuatu when it comes to local and international company incorporation. The local company incorporation rules state that, any company that is being run within Vanuatu is allowed to conduct business both locally and internationally.

The International company incorporation is for companies who want to have a company in Vanuatu but don’t necessarily want to conduct any trade with Vanuatu itself. The process is apparently quite straight forward and can take around 48 hours.

Licensing and permits

All business will require licensing and or permit services at one time or another, certainly when you set a business up, the chances are that you will need some kind of license. As well as taking care of your books, ready for audit time and any laws or rules relating to how your business conducts itself, your accountants should provide you with licensing and permit services to ensure you are trading legally.